Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Sixteen

I am pleased to report that Chapter Sixteen has finally been posted — we hit the magic number at 10:15 last night. I hadn’t been expecting it, so I didn’t have the files ready to go, but they’re up now.

(I had somehow recorded three donations in the wrong category in my records, which I caught last night when I realized the totals didn’t match my memory, but it wouldn’t have much affected when the chapter went up — those three would not have put it over the top without yesterday’s contributions. But if I’d had them right I might have realized how close it was and had the files ready.)

Chapter Eighteen isn’t finished yet; we were on vacation last week, so I only got a single page written, and before that the holidays and illness were delaying things. I’m hoping that now all that stuff is out of the way I’ll be more productive.

Meanwhile, Tor has been reissuing my books in trade paperback. The new edition of A Young Man Without Magic has been available for a month, and I’ve received my author copies of the new edition of Dragon Weather, which should be out next week.

Hope all of you who were in the area affected by last week’s “polar vortex” are okay; we missed it. By pure luck, our Caribbean vacation took us away from all that record cold.

(For those of you overseas, or who live in the unaffected portions of the U.S. and somehow weren’t paying attention, last week brought most of the U.S. and Canada several days of arctic conditions, with record low temperatures.)

Anyway. It’s a new year, and it’s started well for me; I hope it’s as good for all of you.

4 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Sixteen

  1. Has Old Ethshar broken up into the Small Kingdoms yet? I’m curious if Tesk has any unexpired orders, and how they might refer to the enemy.

  2. Yes, it’s already broken into the Small Kingdoms, though there are only a couple of dozen as yet, and not the 200+ there will be circa YS 5220.

    Tesk has standing orders, but… well, we’ll see.

  3. Chapter 18 Comment:

    Besides the issues discussed in chapter 18, one problem with hiring Tesk may be what he wants. What would he spend the money on? Which depends on what he wants out of life. A problem probably not addressed by his creators.

  4. His demonstration seems pretty extreme, depending on how expensive tents are (and I assume he had a way to know there was nobody inside). It might have been the cheapest acceptable target though.

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