Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Twenty-Three

Hello, folks!

Relics of War is published!

If you’re a donor to the serial and entitled to a copy of the ink-on-paper edition, you should have received e-mails (yes, plural) nagging you to confirm your mailing address. If you have not received such e-mails, please contact me. I’m in the process of mailing out the donor copies, and would really like to have it done by Christmas without getting any returned as undeliverable.

E-books haven’t been sent out yet, but should be soon.


Oh — and I still have no plans for further serials.

7 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Twenty-Three

  1. I came to the party a bit late and didn’t realize that you were still doing Ethshar novels. I have been an avid reading since the early 90’s of your work and thought that your stories were always top notch. Sadden to hear that your taking a step back, but am looking forward to getting caught up with the last two Ethshar books.

    Your works were a bright spot in my teenage years after the passing of my father. I plan on beginning to read your stories to my own children as they grow older as bedtime tales. The fond memories I have reading them hopefully will rub off and I will be able to create a new generation of Watt-Evans fans.

    The last thing I would like to say is Thank You.

  2. A pity I rather enjoyed the novels, they have an intresting twist in the tale that you do not normally get in this type of novel.

    I would off like to known more about the intial conflict, I guess thats not going to happen now 🙁

    I did buy the ebook version just to find out how the story ended

  3. I want to say thank you.

    Growing up “With a Single Spell” was one of my favorite books. I have re-read it countless times.

    When I was looking to see if I could do something to replace my old paper-back copy that is threatening to fall apart I stumbled upon this site and realized that one of my favorite authors
    had written not just one excellent book but a whole series.

    Unfortunately I discovered all of this the day this post was written so I am sad to say I could not encourage you to write. In the last month or so I have been very much enjoying reading your novels and have just made it to the Unwelcome Warlock. I have a few more but I was sad to discover that you are taking a step back right when I am really discovering you.

    Regardless thank you very much for your fun stories, they have been a blessing this past month,
    and I will share them and encourage others to read them.

  4. I don’t care in what format the stories come in, as long as they keep coming. The Ethshar series is my absolute favorite among all of the series’ I read.

    Thank you for all of the books thus far! Looking forward to more stories from the world of Ethshar!

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