Work in Progress: Sharra the Petty (working title, subject to change)

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 2/14/17

Last actual wordage added: 2/14/17

Pages added, 2/14/17: 2

Current page count: 3

Estimated final page count: 300? I don’t really have any idea.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: I woke up with part of the plot for this in my head, which
I took as a sign I should actually start writing it. So I did.

For those who don’t remember every stupid little thing I say: This is
an Ethshar story about a minor character from Stone Unturned. I’m
guessing it’ll be a short novel, but it might not make it to novel
length at all.

Sharra is not happy with Dulzan’s actions.

Word count: 396

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