Work in Progress: Stone Unturned

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 2/17/17

Last actual wordage added: 2/17/17

Pages added, 2/17/17: 0.

Current page count: 489

Estimated final page count: 490-525?

Deadline: None, but Wildside says they’ll send me a contract any day

Comments: That got complicated.

I’ve rearranged all the chapters, but then there were formatting issues and WordPerfect crashed and… well, things got a bit damaged. No text was lost, but I’m still cleaning up dropped indents and so on.

You will recall that I wasn’t happy with how the different storylines matched up. I had them arranged like this (M=Morvash, D=Darissa, H=Hakin):

MDMDMDMDMDMDMDMHMHMHMHMHMHMHM… (That was as far as I’d gotten in the second draft.)

Well, now they’re MDMDMDMHDMHDMHDMHDMMHMMHMMHM… And everything lines up nicely. I think it actually has a better flow, too, starting Hakin’s story earlier.

I’m only up to Chapter Twenty-One with the formatting clean-up, and I still want to tweak the chronology a bit (two different sequences wound up in the month of Longdays, ten years apart, which I think is a potential source of confusion).

So there’s more I should do, but it’s past my bedtime.

Word-count is now 121,331

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