Work in Progress: “Gargoyle”

June 24, 2008:

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 6/23/08

Last actual wordage added: 6/23/08

Pages added 6/23/08: 1

Current page count: 3

Estimated final page count: Probably about 12

Deadline: None. Speculative.

Comments: I started this story back in the 1980s but didn’t get past the opening; it got shelved indefinitely. At the 2004 Worldcon a picture in the art show prompted me to haul it out and take another shot at it, which brought it up to page 2.

Tonight I’m going through old progress reports, and there it is, so I wrote the next page. The unnamed protagonist is trying to pry the gargoyle off its perch.

And now, almost nine years later, I’m still on page 3.

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