Work in Progress: Eleven Blades

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 12/4/16

Last actual wordage added: 12/4/16

Pages added, 12/4/16: 5

Current page count: 8

Estimated final page count: 250-300.

Current word count: 1,810

Deadline: None. Will probably be self-published.

Comments: I had another story idea a couple of days ago, and couldn’t resist writing the opening of the novel. Or first novel, if it turns out to be a series.

What I’ve written so far has Lerruit’s father telling him, on his sixteenth birthday, the family secrets, and explaining the legacy of the eleven blades.

I should probably give the father a name. And maybe rename Lerruit; that’s a Walasian name, but the story isn’t set in the Bound Lands.

(I thought it might be, but it works better if it’s not.)

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