Work in Progress: Elfshot

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 9/17/17

Last actual wordage added: 9/17/17

Pages added, 9/17/17: 1

Current page count: 6

Estimated final page count: 300? I don’t really have any idea.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Word count: 1,310

Comments: Didn’t really accomplish much — Hyacinth is still on her way to the Watch House to fetch the constable. I’m mostly posting just to establish that I’m back to work after our Hawaii vacation.

I wish I’d written more notes — or if I did, I wish I could find them. I know I had more of this in my head, but a month-long interruption has let some of it fade. I no longer remember the names of constable or his wife, or the retired soldier who is the only military veteran in the Vale, or his crazy uncle who was an adventurer long, long ago, or the victim’s best friend (who was actually in the first draft of the opening, then written out). None of the names are really all that important, but I did have them figured out and they’re gone, which is annoying.

I did collect the notes I could find on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere.

It’s good to get back to work, even for a single page.

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