Work in Progress: The Whispering Bandit

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 4/12/18

Last actual wordage added: 4/12/18

Pages added, 4/12/18: 2

Current page count: 17

Estimated final page count: 30? 40? I don’t know.

Deadline: June 1.

Comments: I skipped a progress report or two, in which I went back, reworked some stuff, and added a page.

Famiris has been renamed Errilsa. Lady Malzin is still named Malzin.

Errilsa is hiding. Malzin is listening to her father and uncle make somewhat alarming plans. (He wasn’t originally her uncle; that was part of the reworking.)

Don’t know if I can get this done within the anthology’s word limit. It may wind up going elsewhere and I’ll write something else for the antho.

(All character names are still subject to change.)

Word-count is 4,228.

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