Settling in in an unsettled world: Summer 2020

Just a quick note to assure you I’m still alive and well.

We moved into our new home on Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle, on March 25. We like it here a lot. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it difficult to really get to know the place, and to furnish the house, as we had disposed of about half of our furniture before we left Maryland. There are still two major items on order, though one is scheduled for delivery later today.

It took awhile to get the computers sorted out, too. Both my desktop machines had issues from spending so long in storage. That’s been dealt with, and Chloe, my primary computer, is once again up to date and fully functional.

Anyway, with all this going on I haven’t been writing very much. The final draft of Tom Derringer & the Steam-Powered Saurians is finished and just waiting for the two illustrations I commissioned. I’ve made a little progress (not much) on Tom Derringer & the Electrical Empire and Charming Sharra, and have started a couple of new stories, “The Bone Wheel” and “I Didn’t See You.” Two new Ethshar stories have been started as well, “The Almoner” and Dancing with Wizards (not the final title)

The audiobook of Touched by the Gods is done, and we’re just waiting for ACX/Audible to clear it for release; apparently they’re backlogged.

I’ve been working on getting my website up to date again. Finished all the easy stuff, still dealing with the more complicated bits.

And that’s about all, for now.

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