Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen is posted, at long last.

I’m a couple of pages from finishing Chapter Twenty, and I estimate the novel will run about twenty-two chapters, give or take. I should be able to get the rest written in a few days if I stop letting myself get distracted.

Of course, then it will need to be revised and all the usual stuff.

You know, folks who donated $20 for the paper edition are getting something of a bargain — it’s running longer than I expected. I cut it from $25 to $20 because I thought it would only run about 50,000 words, and it’s going to be well over 60,000. Absolutely not a problem, though; thanks for the support.

I think that’s about it, really.

5 thoughts on “Ishta’s Companion/Relics of War: Progress Report Seventeen

  1. Think of it as a bonus for those that really love your work.

    And I have another article coming out in the same train magazine on Mon Feb 24th!

  2. Congrats!

    It’s not even that much of a bonus, really; it’ll still be a fairly short novel, just not as short as The Sorcerer’s Widow. Though I got the word-count over 60,000 tonight.

    Incidentally, I think I just finished Chapter Twenty, but I may want to move the chapter break a page or two later, so I won’t be sending it to donors quite yet. Soon, though.

    Still looking like it’ll run twenty-two chapters, or possibly twenty-three if I decide to wrap up loose ends. Or maybe I’ll provide an epilogue instead. I’ll see when I get there.

  3. Made my donation tonight, still haven’t found a permanent job, but felt I needed to contribute again for all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from your stories!

  4. Well, I am very surprised and pleased to find another serial in the works, and it’s a really good story so far, i had been off this site for a very long time and i actually read all the currently posted chapters in one go.

    Lawrence: I will be sending the 20$ for this story as usual very soon, and I did receive my copy of the Sorceror’s Widow, and I thank you very much for it.

    it’s now midnite where i am, and i would wish everyone a good night.

    Montreal Canada

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