Chapter Two has been posted.

The second chapter of The Vondish Ambassador has been posted. Look for a link on the Blogroll to the right.
The third chapter is paid for and will be posted on September 27th.

The fourth chapter is written, but is not paid for.

The fifth chapter is written, but is not paid for.

The sixth chapter is not yet written.

8 thoughts on “Chapter Two has been posted.

  1. So far, so good. It seems that this book will go into a good bit more city detail than previously revealed. Do you think that you might put together a detailed city map based on the activities in the book to go along with the print version? It seems like it would be a good companion to the book.

  2. Look for a link on the Blogroll to the right.

    The sidebar links don’t appear when you’re looking at an individual blog entry. You have to first click on the, um, masthead(?) to get to the main blog page to see the links.

  3. Oops — right you are.

    Well, here’s a link you can use, instead. Sorry about that.

    I’m not sure whether this one’s really going to go into that much detail about the city beyond what’s in the first two chapters; we’ll see. As for a map, that’s very much within the realm of possibility, but it’s not high on my list of priorities right now.

  4. I’m enjoying this. Are the chapters a wee bit shorter than usual? Maybe it’s just my craving for more. 😉

  5. My rule on chapter length is that each chapter must be at least ten pages in the working manuscript. That’s the same rule I’ve pretty much always used, all the way back to my first novel. In some novels I’ve used shorter chapters a few times, especially near the end of the story, but I will never count less than that as a “chapter” for serial purposes.

    Or if I do, it’ll be a free bonus chapter, like the last chapter of The Spriggan Mirror.

    Sometimes chapters will be longer than that ten pages, often quite a bit longer.

    As it happens, the first two chapters here are about at the minimum; later chapters won’t all be.

  6. Great to see you doing so, and have a chance to encourage you a little by donating a little. Look forward to tomorrow and a new chapter.

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