5 thoughts on “Chapter Three has been posted.

  1. One thing I am really enjoying about this story is that I really have no idea what it’s going to be about, as opposed to the Spriggan Mirror.

  2. I think that may be why so few people expressed interest in it until I mentioned that I couldn’t write The Final Calling until this one was done.

    Incidentally, Chapter Four is now paid for; I’m not sure how far I am toward Chapter Five, haven’t added up the exact amount yet.

  3. Have you given any thought about an e-book edition for $25 donors who happen to live outside the US?

    In the meantime I’ve donated $10, because I really liked the previous Ethshar novels. (I haven’t read the first three chapters yet—I hate being forced to stop in the middle of a story, so I’d rather wait until the whole thing is finished.)

  4. I’m not doing an e-book edition. There may be one eventually, probably through Fictionwise, but I’m not going to deal with it any more than necessary.

    People outside the U.S. will be able to buy the book once it’s out; I just don’t know what the cost will be, once shipping is figured in, so I prefer not to offer it for a $25 donation. $25 will probably be enough, but I’m not sure.

  5. I just love the serialized format. I tend to burn through your books pretty quickly, so the serialized version makes for months of fun.


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