Chapter Eleven has been posted

Chapter Eleven is up.

Chapter Twelve was about seven dollars short of being paid for when I sent out e-mail and posted notices elsewhere, but as I was writing this another donation came in, so it’s paid for and will be posted on November 29th.

Chapter Thirteen is written. Chapter Fourteen isn’t finished.

Latest word on The Spriggan Mirror is that it really is at the printer now, but there was another brief delay while Wildside tried to convince the chain bookstores to order more copies while there was still time to adjust the initial print-run. It may be out in time for Christmas, but I can’t guarantee anything at this point. I really hope it will be.

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. who’s reading this!

6 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven has been posted

  1. I have to say, really enjoyed this chapter. Action. Adventure. And I loved the scene when Vengar spoke with Teneria of Fishertown, Sella’s apprentice. That was great! And so right.


  2. Glad to see this second experiment continuing. Don’t know where the story is arcing towards – which I like together with the way you write. For a little while I intend to give something each month towards this enterprise – always wanted to be a patron of the arts!

  3. Good chapter! My only CC would be that the run around from place to place was a bit protracted.

  4. I like the way the plot is twisting in these last couple of chapters. The interaction between Vengar and the seer & apprentice near the end was particularly fun.

    Peter RS: Given the way Paypal does transaction fees, I think it’s more cost-effective to give LWE, say, $25 all at once than $5 a month for five months — he would wind up getting a larger proportion and Paypal a smaller proportion if one gives a larger lump sum rather than several small payments.

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