Technical Note & Apology

Some donors may have noticed that PayPal added a shipping charge.

This is because I’d added shipping charges on my “Books for Sale” page links, and PayPal has this bizarre policy of “If you add shipping one place, you add it everywhere.”

I hadn’t realized they did that, and frankly, I think it’s stupid to add shipping to a donation — I mean, they have a “donation” category and that’s how it’s labeled when the money arrives — but that’s what they do.

So I’ve removed the shipping charges from the account, and I apologize to everyone who got troubled by this glitch. If you order less than $25 of books from my “Books for Sale” page, though, you’ll have to add the shipping yourself — $3.00 for one paperback book, $5.00 for two or more.

Donations do not have a shipping charge. Neither do hardcovers.

Anyone who wound up paying more than you intended, drop me a note, and we’ll find a way to make it right.

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