A request for information

I’m trying to locate two people who are owed copies of The Spriggan Mirror, but who didn’t provide mailing addresses and whose e-mail addresses now bounce:

Richard Russ
Robert Allen

If anyone knows anyone by either of those names, drop me a line.

And no, I don’t actually have the books in hand yet, but in theory UPS does and they should be here by the 29th, so I’m getting the mailing labels ready.

Alas, the illustrations Kiri did — three of them — appear to have gotten lost in the mail somewhere between Shanghai and here, so unless they turn up unexpectedly, the chapbook of “Sirinita’s Dragon” will not be illustrated.

6 thoughts on “A request for information

  1. Exactly — I don’t know if they’ll ever turn up.

    If they show up in the next few days, I’ll use them. If they don’t, I’ll print without. If they then turn up after that, I’ll make them available somehow.

  2. The chapbook illustrations look good, although I wasn’t expecting manga. Did Sirinita grow up to become the warlock of the same name in Chapter 18 of Spell of the Black Dagger?

  3. Kiri’s biggest influence was Rumiko Takahashi. She can work in other styles, but prefers to keep some of the manga flavor.

    And no, it’s a different Sirinita.

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