Chapter Sixteen has been posted

Chapter Sixteen is up.

Nearly half of Chapter Seventeen is paid for. Unfortunately, with the holidays and other commitments, that’s more than I’ve actually written so far — but hey, I have a week.

In other news, concerning the long-awaited distribution of The Spriggan Mirror and the chapbook of “Sirinita’s Dragon” to last year’s donors, I’m pleased to report that the illustrations did show up before the books — by about an hour. Both are in hand, and I’ll be sending stuff out as quickly as I can get the chapbooks printed, collated, stapled, and packed. Which is not, frankly, all that quickly — the dry winter air has been causing static problems with my heavy-duty printer, making two-sided printing difficult, as I sometimes need to hand-feed the individual sheets in.

Bear with me; they’re coming.

12 thoughts on “Chapter Sixteen has been posted

  1. A suggestion – move (or copy) the “Misenchanted Tales” and “Vondish Blog” links from the bottom of the chapter list to the top, they are off (or going off) the bottom of the screen, and someone who is looking for information may not continue, and those who want to pass through to the blog may get RSI! 🙂

  2. Whoops, hit “submit” too soon…
    Yes, the links are in the header paragraph, but some people don’t think like that.

  3. Based upon last weeks announcement of the special edition, I have placed an additional contribution into snail mail this week. Not enough to finish off the next chapter, but enough to qualify me for that edition.

    But if you are not feeling well, take a week off, nobody is going to mind, and it will give contributions time to catch up some.

  4. But if you are not feeling well, take a week off, nobody is going to mind, and it will give contributions time to catch up some.

    Let me add my vote to that. I really enjoy the series, but I’d rather have you healthy and thinking clearly.

    The theurgy updates were very interesting. I’m wondering just how useful the gods are, and really curious to see how the entire thing goes in the next round.

  5. Aargh!

    Well, that was a pretty frustrating chapter!

    Serials are so much fun, but a bit frustrating in this era of immediate gratification.

  6. I’m doing a 200-copy numbered first printing/first edition of the chapbook; 188 of those are spoken for, if I’ve counted correctly. The rest will be offered for sale — not sure of the price yet.

    An unnumbered, unlimited, printed-as-needed second edition is possible; I haven’t yet decided whether it’s worth the hassle. And of course, it certainly won’t happen until the extra dozen are sold.

  7. Like Jim, I also submitted a donation as soon as the special edition for AMBASSADOR was announced. (I didn’t want to have to wait a year for the hard copy like we’ve had to for SPRIGGAN MIRROR.)

    Is there still supposed to be a weekly e-mailing list for those who have donated? I was expecting an e-mail notification when chapter 16 was posted last week, but I didn’t get any. I’m guessing that the list still exists, it just hasn’t been updated yet.

  8. There is indeed a mailing list, and you were added to it, but for some reason (maybe some subtle anti-spam thing?) the @ in your address was changed to a -, so it didn’t work.

    Fixed now.

    If anyone else who’s donated isn’t getting the weekly notices, please let me know.

  9. You may want to update “What’s What with Ethshar Today:” on the homepage, which still states:

    As for the bonus stories, yes, there have been seven short stories so far, and there were only six Del Rey novels. I therefore included “Sirinita’s Dragon” as a bonus in the complete editions of The Spriggan Mirror, which should be out in trade paperback from Wildside Press soon.

    Since the inclusion of the story didn’t happen, and since the trade is available, I think the front page deserves an update, how about you? Might as well advertise that the book is now available.

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