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The Vondish Ambassador goes to the printer tomorrow.

I don’t know when I’ll have finished copies in hand, but it shouldn’t be all that long.

This is the Misenchanted Press trade paperback edition, with cover art by Kiri Evans. It’s a limited edition — there will only ever be the one printing. I don’t know yet about any future mass-market edition; I’ll be talking to the publisher from Wildside on Friday, and may have news after that.

Once I have a delivery date I’ll be e-mailing all donors to (a) verify that they want a copy of this edition, (b) make sure I have a current shipping address, and (c) ask whether they want it signed.

There exists a short Ethshar story, “The God in Red,” that could accompany this edition in chapbook form, the way “Sirinita’s Dragon” accompanied The Spriggan Mirror, but frankly, producing the chapbooks is a pain in the butt, so I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing that. I’ll see how the finances look, and the time constraints.

Sorry this has taken so long. Happy holidays!

6 thoughts on “Latest Word…

  1. If it’s impractical to make the chapbook, why not turn it into a PDF, and include it on the email your planning on sending to contributors to confirm their details? Or post it online, with a link in the email to it and have them download it themselves.

    Very much looking forward to reading the Vondish Ambassador again, once The books are sent out.

  2. What software do you use when writing? Maybe a loyal fan can convert from that to .pdf? I know I have Word and Acobat here, as well as Photoshop and a couple of other things….

    Besides, as a electronic chapbook, we are not looking for fancy graphics, just the story.

  3. Oh, I won’t do electronic chapbooks. If I decide to make an electronic version available I’ll do it as a regular webpage.

    The current chapbook content is in Microsoft Publisher 2.0a. I could put it in .pdf if I wanted, but I don’t particularly. It does have illustrations, you know, and I have indeed printed a bunch of chapbooks; the only question is whether or not I want to include one with every copy of The Vodish Ambassador. The story was written for a specific purpose, which it’s serving admirably; including it with the books would be an extra.

    By the way, since you asked, even though it’s not relevant, I write in WordPerfect 10, and also have Open Office and AbiWord installed.

  4. The next serial? No. Right now I’m pretty focused on the new series I’m hoping to sell Tor; I’ve just sent my agent a proposal.

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