Note to Donors

If you contributed $25 or more to The Vondish Ambassador, you should have received an e-mail from me today, asking you to verify your address and a couple of other details.

If you didn’t, these are the most likely explanations:

It got caught in your spam filters; you might want to check that and see if it’s in the junk folder, assuming you have one. If it’s gone forever, drop me a line and I’ll send a fresh copy with your name in the “To:” line, which usually gets it past filters.

You made partial payments from two different e-mail addresses, and I failed to notice and add them together. If that’s the case, please e-mail me and let me know.

You made multiple payments and I screwed up and didn’t record one of them.

You’re one of the two people (hi, Josh and Richard!) who paid by check and never, so far as I can determine, gave me an e-mail address. If you’re one of those two, I have your addresses here and will assume they’re still good, and that you don’t care about having your book autographed, unless you tell me otherwise.

If you made a donation of less than $25 and would like to add to it to bring the total up and get a copy of the first edition, you have until Friday, December 14th.

The first edition will be limited to 400 copies. It will be the only edition for at least the next six months, and quite possibly a year or more. It’s even possible there will never be another edition, though that seems unlikely.

I’m hoping to ship it out by the end of the year, but can’t promise I’ll make it.

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