The Unwanted Wardrobe: Progress Report 1

Well, folks, you were so generous with The Unwelcome Warlock that I’ve decided hey, why wait before starting another serial? So here’s the first chapter of an all-new Ethshar story that I just had to launch today, in the traditional of The Unwilling Warlord and The Unwelcome Warlock.


14 thoughts on “The Unwanted Wardrobe: Progress Report 1

  1. It looks like an intriguing story, full of references and mystery. However in looking at your FAQ I see that this serial will have a very large number of chapters and a higher per chapter cost. Is there going to be a ebook option at a lower price point? Somehow this feels like a story where we might only see one chapter a year, on the anniversary of its publication.

  2. I’d be surprised if it turned out to be an annual event, but We Shall See. It might.

    I notice, checking the hit counters, that not everyone is bothering to read the “How It Works” page; hope they aren’t missing anything important.

  3. I’m terribly embarrassed that it took me until the introduction of Guchi to catch the naming pattern.

  4. Don’t feel too bad. Armani was what tipped me off. Of course I had to do Google searches to figure out some of the names fit that pattern, and still haven’t figured out Ballensyagga or Vweeton.

    Though, I had a good hard chuckle that Tim says make it work. No idea what the actual ref was, but the image of the wizard from Monty Python is what I got.

  5. Balenciaga and Vuitton, and Tim Gunn, the adviser on “Project Runway,” has a catch-phrase of “Make it work!” that he says whenever he’s just pointed out some horrible potential flaw in a contestant’s design.

  6. Heh, I missed this till today. I’m tempted to donate, but in this case I suspect I’ll have a LONG wait for the full novel.

    Usually I wait till about half-way through or more (by which time donations have slowed and I’m fairly sure he’ll finish). But a couple of hundred chapters, even if Lawrence manages as much as a chapter a year I’m not sure he’ll finish this one anytime soon.

  7. I debated taking the whole thing down on the 2nd, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to leave it. I might deactivate the donation button, though.

  8. Incidentally, if I ever do write a story with this premise, I’ll dump much of the foolishness in this version.

  9. Dumping the foolishness? Are you or are you not a co-author on Split Heirs?

    As for the donation button. Taking it off somehow spoils the joke but OTOH if it were me I’d probably feel guilty about any donations that came in unless I were SURE the donor was in on the joke…

    So I’d leave the button as a link to SOMETHING, just maybe not to PAYPAL.

    Or maybe a link to:
    Which allows them to fall down the rabbit hole of various fake strips with fake strips inside them.

    Or just start 12 levels further down (all the way at present) with:

  10. Oh, I co-wrote Split Heirs all right, and I have no problem with being silly, but if I were going to try to sustain this story for any real length I’d lose some of the contrived fashion designer names, and the “nobody sees the wizard!” bit, and so on, because that sort of humor doesn’t wear well.

    As for the donation button, I take it you never clicked it? It doesn’t go directly to Paypal. The second-level Paypal button does work, though, and I might remove that one.

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