The Unwelcome Warlock: Progress Report Forty-Two

I finished the final draft last night, and sent it off to Wildside Press; they acknowledged receipt this morning. I’ve received the promised advance. Everything’s pretty much on track. I don’t have a publication date yet; from here on, the scheduling is entirely up to Wildside. No idea what they’ll do for cover art, or what the list price will be, or any of that other stuff.

I’ve got at least two other projects I want to deal with before I even think about another Ethshar serial.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and I hope you feel you got your money’s worth.

6 thoughts on “The Unwelcome Warlock: Progress Report Forty-Two

  1. I have a silly little question. I donated back on 9/7/2010 for what was then the final calling. I noticed I have not received any email updates for this serial like we did on the previous one and was concerned that I may have been overlooked somehow. How would we verify that all is well in the world?

  2. Not silly at all. In fact, all was not well — for some reason PayPal never sent me e-mail notification of your donation, or at least I never got it, so you weren’t in my records. The money was received, and is on record, but I wasn’t informed of its arrival.

    This happens occasionally. Not often; I think your case is only about the fourth or fifth time it’s happened since 2005, so far as I know. It can happen, though.

    Sometimes PayPal sends the e-mail and I somehow don’t notice; that’s known to have happened maybe half a dozen times since 2005, too.

    If anyone else out there who sent money hasn’t been getting the e-mail updates, let me know, either here or in e-mail to

  3. Email updates? As this is my first time donating toward a serial I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am not receiving emails from you currently though, although they could be getting sent to an old email address. In any case could you direct them to the email I’ve listed here? Thanks! I look forward to the next serial, whenever you get around to it.

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