The Unwelcome Warlock: Progress Report Fifty

Ta da! The Unwelcome Warlock is finally out. The paper edition is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you donated to the serial, you should have already received an e-mail about this — basically, the donor copies are on their way, and I’ve been promised they’ll be here by Valentine’s Day. (I’m too cheap to pay for express shipping, I’m afraid.) If you’re a donor but did not get the e-mail, please e-mail me as soon as possible to verify your donation and address.

Wildside has three more titles of mine in the works.

The next serial will start no earlier than March 15, and no later than December 15th, but I haven’t yet decided which story it will be, or where in that range it’ll launch.

5 thoughts on “The Unwelcome Warlock: Progress Report Fifty

  1. I had heard, on a remark, to a post, on a political blog, that you can donate to serials.

    1. How?
    2. Yeah, this blogpost is the first I’ve seen mention it on your site.
    3. Read The Unwelcome Warlock on my Kindle. It’s a relief that you finally cleared up what the source of the warlocks power *was*! (I get that adding “great unknowns” really adds to a universe, but this unknown was central to so many things…)
    4. And finally, a question. How come in a universe with magic and warlocks, you don’t see people using/researching cosmetic enhancement spells?

  2. 1. With PayPal or by streetmail.

    2. Seriously? Wow. Whenever a serial is in progress, there are notices and links every time a new chapter is posted, and every chapter has a couple of PayPal buttons you can click to donate. There’s usually a button on the front page of this blog. (I took it down when the last serial ended; I’ll put it back when I start the next.)

    Right now there’s no serial in progress, so I’m not actively soliciting donations.

    3. Thanks.

    4. Oh, they exist; they just haven’t come into any of the stories yet.

  3. Oh dear lord, I’m now picturing magical ads for “male enhancement pills” being beamed out unsolicited to people as they sleep via invaded dream spells.

    The horrors!

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