Progress Report: “Sorcery of the Heart”

Remember the anthology I wanted to submit “The Dancing Teacher” to? The one with a June 1 deadline?

I decided that “The Dancing Teacher” didn’t really suit it after all. Instead I wrote a new story entitled “Sorcery of the Heart,” set in the northwestern part of the Walasian Empire roughly sixty years before A Young Man Without Magic.

I didn’t finish it by the deadline, but the editor extended it two weeks. Which should work.

I have the first draft of “Sorcery of the Heart” written — 30 pages, 8,000 words. Which technically makes it a novelet, not a short story, and it may get longer in rewrite. Editor says that’s okay, so… we’ll see what happens.

1 thought on “Progress Report: “Sorcery of the Heart”

  1. …and I am pleased to report that I did finish “Sorcery of the Heart” by the extended deadline (8,500 words), and it has been accepted for Lace and Blade 4.

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