Work in Progress: The Wizard’s Path

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 10/18/12

Last actual wordage added: 10/18/12

Pages added 10/18/12: 1

Current page count: 4

Estimated final page count: Probably about 200 – 250.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: It was on my page-count list, which reminded me that it exists, and that I had two conflicting versions, so I went and looked at both of them and decided which one to keep and which to discard.

They weren’t very different, and one was clearly a later, revised version, so I kept that one, but the big difference was that in the revised one I had reversed the protagonist’s sex. I forget who suggested that, but it’s probably a good idea — though it does mean I’m writing an awful lot of stuff with female leads, and too many of them have vaguely similar names (Emily, Amelia, Alicia).

Anyway, Dellen has taken Uncle Zavar home with her, where her kid brother (invented today) is serving the essential storytelling role of asking his sister questions that let me do some infodumps for readers.

And finding this thread, I stumbled across the thread for The Partial Observer, which wasn’t on the page-counts list. Hmm.

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