Work in Progress: Charming Sharra

Progress report:

Last time looked at: 7/30/17

Last actual wordage added: 7/30/17

Pages added, 7/30/17: 6

Current page count: 29

Estimated final page count: 300? I don’t really have any idea.

Deadline: None. Purely speculative.

Comments: I seem to have skipped a progress report or two; sorry about that.

Finished Chapter Three, started Chapter Four. Sharra has just settled on what she wants to hire Poldrian to do.

Word-count is 7,016.

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Charming Sharra

  1. I’m looking forward to this, of course. I just don’t know how far forward (temporally) I have to look. A long time, I’m guessing.

    1. Yeah, it’ll be awhile. But this is probably another short one like Relics of War or The Sorcerer’s Widow, not a fat one like Stone Unturned, so maybe not that long.

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