Back to work at last!

Okay, so we’re back in the U.S., living in Seattle — not our permanent home, just a rental while we house-hunt, but more settled than we’ve been all year. After weeks of taking care of address changes, opening new accounts, and so on I have finally gotten back to work. I spent most of today working on Tom Derringer — reviewing Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror (#2 in the series), revising the first fifty pages of Tom Derringer and the Steam-Powered Saurians (#3), and working out some plot elements in Tom Derringer and the Electrical Empire (#4), which is only up to page 7.

It’s a start.

3 thoughts on “Back to work at last!

  1. Nice to see you back at work. I enjoyed the first Tom Derringer novel and the second is on my to-get list.

    I too have relocated to the west coast this year. A bit further south because my wife and I are tired of winter. Temporarily in Central California but heading to San Diego this spring.

  2. I know that 2020 hasn’t been what you (or anyone) expected, but any chance you’ll give an update here sometime? (I don’t think I’m the only one who looks…)
    (And, it goes without saying, but I hope you’re weathering everything as OK as possible)

    1. We’re fine, thanks. And I am overdue for an update; sorry about that. I’ll try to get to it later today.

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