Back to work at last!

Okay, so we’re back in the U.S., living in Seattle — not our permanent home, just a rental while we house-hunt, but more settled than we’ve been all year. After weeks of taking care of address changes, opening new accounts, and so on I have finally gotten back to work. I spent most of today working on Tom Derringer — reviewing Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror (#2 in the series), revising the first fifty pages of Tom Derringer and the Steam-Powered Saurians (#3), and working out some plot elements in Tom Derringer and the Electrical Empire (#4), which is only up to page 7.

It’s a start.

One thought on “Back to work at last!

  1. Nice to see you back at work. I enjoyed the first Tom Derringer novel and the second is on my to-get list.

    I too have relocated to the west coast this year. A bit further south because my wife and I are tired of winter. Temporarily in Central California but heading to San Diego this spring.

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